What is a Tower Erection Hoist?

A tower erection hoist is a machine used to erect (assemble) communications towers (cellphone towers, radio towers, TV antenna towers, microwave communications towers)  along with other similar structures.

How long has Hydradyne been manufacturing Tower Hoists?

Hydradyne been manufacturing tower erection hoists for over 25 years and has been in the fluid power and motion control industry since 1968.

How do I determine the size hoist I need?

This is fully determined by what you need for performance. Determine the wire rope size and storage capacity, line pull (lifting capacity), and line speed? Hydradyne has a standard 24HP, 50HP, 90HP, and 115HP unit that can meet any job’s needs. Hydradyne also has the ability to custom design equipment for your specific application’s needs.


Pictured – Hydradyne 115HP Triple Drum Tower Erection Hoist

Hydraulic vs Mechanical?

Hydradyne’s tower hoist units are hydraulic (versus mechanical), which lends itself to a smaller and lighter package.


Pictured – Hydradyne 24HP Single Drum Tower Erection Hoist

Where can I have my Tower Hoists repaired or recertified?

Hydradyne can perform maintenance and refurbish older worn out machines as well as “recertify” personnel rated winches. Hydradyne is an authorized Braden winch service center.

Are the winches tested and how?

Hydradyne uses a dynamic winch load-test fixture to test each winch after we inspect and repair them. Check out our video to see a winch being tested.

Winch Testing

Pictured – Hydradyne Custom Dynamic Winch Load-Testing


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