50 Years of Service

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Celebrating Hydradyne’s 50th Anniversary

Hydradyne is thankful to be celebrating its 50th year of business. We are extremely grateful for our loyal customers and the relationships we have built over the years. Hydradyne is also very proud of our talented and hardworking team that has made our success and longevity possible.

For those of you who don’t know the history, Hydradyne was originally founded on April 5, 1968, in Belle Chasse, Louisiana as a service company for the offshore oil industry.


Original Hydradyne location in Belle Chasse, Louisiana

Since that time, Hydradyne has grown to over 30 locations with more than 560 team members and has served over 30,000 customers across countless industries in 76 different countries.


An Interview with Hydradyne’s President

Because it is Hydradyne’s 50th anniversary this year, we sat down with our company’s President, David Parks, to ask him a few questions about Hydradyne and his nearly 40 years of experience with the company. David started with Hydradyne in 1979, when the $14 million dollar business was primarily a service company for the offshore oil industry and concentrated on gear pump sales and repairs. Today, Hydradyne is one of the largest full-service fluid power and motion control companies, and the single largest Parker Hannifin distributor, in the United States, projected to reach $230 million in 2018.

Question: David, what have you enjoyed most about working at Hydradyne?

David Parks: It is always really interesting to see the different machines we’ve designed and built over the years – seeing how our team can make ideas come to life. We are involved in so many different industries and projects, from working on rocket launch pads to amphibious military vehicles; it’s like watching the show, “How it’s Made” when you work at Hydradyne.

Note: This is partly where Hydradyne’s slogan “We set IDEAS into MOTION” comes from – our ability to take customer ideas and create a real-life solution that works.

Question: What are some things that you have learned at Hydradyne?

David Parks: Well I hope that I have learned a lot of things. I have learned about how to run a business and how to work with people and customers. I have had the opportunity to work with and learn from some outstanding and really talented people at Hydradyne.

Question: Do you have any words of advice for someone just starting in the industry or with Hydradyne?

David Parks: Something I have learned and always advise people to do is, “prepare yourself for the opportunity that you want so you are ready when that time comes.” Often people wonder why they aren’t getting what they want and are just waiting for things to happen to them. Practice being prepared and when the opportunity comes, you will be ready to take advantage of it.

Question: What are the reasons for Hydradyne’s growth and stability for over 50 years?

David Parks: A tremendous amount of our growth and success has to do with the great people we employ and do business with. I believe that our vision to bring new technology into the company and add resources for our team and customers, along with our focus on customer service, has helped us grow and will continue to do so.

Question: Where do you see Hydradyne in the years to come?

David Parks: We still have a lot of room to grow. We want to continue to brand ourselves as a complete fluid power and motion control company and really distinguish Hydradyne through excellent customer service. We want to display a uniform, high-level of professionalism and expertise in all areas of fluid power and motion control, across the company, so that customers can rely on Hydradyne to get the help and solutions they need.

Note: This is why, at Hydradyne, we say that we are “The Experts in Fluid Power and Motion Control Solutions.” Hydradyne is much more than a company that sells industrial components – We are a full-service fluid power and motion control company with the experience and expertise customers need.

The primary objective for Hydradyne every year is to provide world class customer service every single day. This year we are recommitting ourselves to that objective and continuing to develop a company culture of one team with one vision, being number one in customer service and the go-to, one-stop shop for our customer’s fluid power and motion control needs. One of the ways we are working on this is by gathering information from our customers and employees on ways that we can improve through surveys and personal interviews and creating actionable plans around that feedback.

Question: Do you have anything you would like to include about Hydradyne’s drive to be number one in customer service?

David Parks: I want to, first of all, thank our customers for their business and let them know that we are constantly looking for ways to improve and really appreciate everyone’s feedback and suggestions. We always want to know how we can serve our customers and team better and we are constantly trying to meet and exceed customer expectations.

Thank you.

At Hydradyne, we are very proud of our company and are thankful to all who have been a part of this 50-year journey. Happy 50th Anniversary Hydradyne! Here is to many more years of cherished relationships, great service, and continued success!

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